What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

It would look a little somethin’ like this:

You’d feel confident in yourself, showing up in life as if everything was rigged in your favour.

You’d take those wild dreams in your heart and put them into action with purpose and passion.

You’d allow yourself to be the brave woman you already are and own your worth unapologetically.

You’d just be the real you…and there’s nothing more freeing than that.

Tell me lovely, are you dreaming of;

That ‘money can’t buy this’ sense of confidence, self worth and purpose?

Feeling connected to your soul and to like-minded people in your life?

Bravely designing a life you truly love from the inside, out?

Loving yourself first, and feeling empowered and strong in who you are?

All of this magic and potential is already within you as we speak.

It’s my mission to help you own it and bring it out into the world.

What it’s like to work with me:

I’ll help you connect with your inner confidence and have you believing in yourself more than ever before


I’ll guide you to take the brave steps forward to create a life on your own terms, where you always have a choice


I’ll help you align to your heart’s big vision and bring your inner go-getter out, to create a life you’re crazy in love with

I’ll hold space for your fears and dreams, help you to own your worth and empower you to be the best version of yourself possible

Through heart-to-heart chats, empowering action and divine loving support, I’m here to show you that you always have a choice, and those dreams inside you are yours for the taking.

It all starts by listening to that inner whisper in your heart, and letting her know you’re ready to live your best and bravest life.

You in?

Let’s kick your goals together!

The DreamCaster

3 month one on one coaching

You’re tired of letting your inner mean girl control the game. You wish you could feel more confident, free and brave in yourself. Then it’s a good thing you’re here!

During our time together, you’ll unleash your inner goddess, take brave steps forward towards your goals, and feel more worthy and empowered than ever before.


 Discovery Questionnaire

Uncover your deepest desires before we even get started. You’ll be dreaming up your goals and bringing laser focus to your heart’s wishes.


 1 x 30 minute discovery session (via Skype)

We’ll tee up a heart-to-heart chat to discover if we’re the perfect match.


 6 x 60 min coaching sessions (fortnightly via Skype)

This is where the magic happens. We’ll set powerful goals, work through your dreams and fears and create the action steps needed to make them happen.


 Ongoing email or Voxer support (your choice!)

Throughout your coaching series you’ll get priority email or Voxer support (your choice!) for those burning questions and virtual high fives. I’m in your corner!


 Worksheets & resources as required

Access my library of tools and resources to help you dig deep into your dreams and build your inner self worth.


$297 AUD per month


$797 Paid in full

Ready to roll?


60 minute coaching session experience

You’re ready to get out of your own way, and go big on your wildest dreams for your life. You want to unlock your purpose, get clear on your goals and take the brave steps forward to make it all happen. This is made just for you!

Together we’ll build your confidence and design your dream life as you rise and align from the inside, out. With my blend of coaching and practical tools, more confidence, self worth, connection and empowerment is coming your way, sister!


 Discovery Questionnaire

Get crystal clear on your deepest desires for your life before we even get started. Feel empowered in your vision and excited to take the brave steps forward to make it happen.


1 x 60 min coaching session (via Skype)

Our time together is where the real magic happens. In our coaching session we’ll dive deep to gain clarity and work through your desires, fears and dreams for your beautiful life. You’ll get confident and empowered to make it all happen, and your inner goddess will shine bright as you own your worth, rise and align.


Follow up email or Voxer support (your choice!)

Following our coaching session you’ll get email or Voxer support (your choice!) for 2 weeks for those burning questions and virtual high fives. I’m in your corner!


 1 x 30 min follow up coaching session (via Skype)

We will tie up your experience with a follow up session where we can reflect on and celebrate how far you’ve come!


 Worksheets & resources as required

Access my library of tools and resources to help you dig deep into your dreams, take action on your goals and build your confidence and self worth.


$197 AUD

Ready to roll?

Sweet words from my clients:

“When I came to Kirsty I was seeking more happiness and confidence in myself. I knew where I wanted to end up but I didn’t really know how I was going to get there. Kirsty showed me that I really was capable of reaching my goals and dreams. She helped me turn my thoughts into tangible steps to make my goals come true and I am proud to say I’m now the happiest and most confident I have ever been!” -Beth Moshier

“When I came to Kirsty for support, I was unhappy within myself and in my life in general. I knew I wanted to transform into the best version of myself, and I instantly felt that Kirsty would be the woman to help me do that! I now feel less stressed and so much more confident and happy in my life. This inner happiness has made me a better person in all areas of my life including in my relationships and career. I am now a much more grateful person, and that appreciation runs deep for Kirsty and her amazing support.” -Rinnai Lewis

It’s okay to want more for your life – in fact, that’s how you should be rolling, sister!

If you’re feeling called to dream big, step out of the shadows and kick your goals with more confidence and empowerment than ever before, then we’re the perfect match.

You + me = your big dreams, turned into your worthy and empowered reality.

Feeling the call to be, do and have so much more?

Book in a time to chat with me below, and we’ll talk about which package is right for you and your goals.

Kirsty Head  / Designed by Heidi Rose