Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series with Bianca Judd

by | Apr 12, 2019

Bianca Judd

Meet Bianca!

I’m so excited to have Bianca as the first guest in my monthly Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series

Bianca and I have fast become great friends and each others cheerleader. Whenever one of us needs help, we know we are both just a Facebook message away! A BIG part of why I love this amazing community so much – no competition.

I love watching Bianca create and live her life with complete freedom and choice – not having to sacrifice her precious time to an unfulfilling job that controls how she spends her time. She does such an amazing job of guiding other girls just like her that want more than an average life to do the same! Live an extraordinary life on all levels.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey – who you are and who you were before the Gratitude Gang & The Conscious Collective?

I’ve just turned 23 and I’m from a small country town in NSW! I founded a swimwear label in 2016, which is what I was doing before the Gratitude Gang & The Conscious Collective entered my life. Prior to that I worked as a beauty therapist for 5 years, leaving school at 16 as a shy girl with no idea what I was going to achieve over the next 7 years!

How did the GG and TCC come into your life – why did you join in the first place?

The community came into my life (well totally stumbled upon it..) around 20 months ago now, when I was torn between the idea of getting a casual or part time job to give myself a little extra ‘me’ money but wanting to keep the freedom and passion filled lifestyle I had started creating for myself! This was kind of like my ticket for that!

What has changed in your life since joining? What have you been able to achieve?

I don’t even know where to begin because SO much! I’m constantly growing every single day into the absolute best person I could be, living my ultimate life. There’s obviously the financial perks, but the other aspects like personal growth, new friends, new opportunities and more fun have all being achieved (and definitely were unexpected)!

What do you love most about the GG and TCC?

Do I have to pick? What it’s allowing me to create as my lifestyle, which I’m already able to start experiencing now! Who I’m becoming!

What are you excited about for the future? What’s the big dream?!

To never step foot into a 9-5 job ever again and to never look back with regrets! Living the dream every single day with a heck of a lot of choice!

Message to people thinking about joining and upleveling their health, wealth and lifestyle?

If not this, then what? If you don’t want to settle for ordinary, and you’re not currently living your best life – what are you waiting for to change that? You’re the only one that can do that, and why waste another minute?



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  1. Bianca

    Thanks for having me Kirsty! Love that this has connected us! What a gift xx


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