Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series with Natasha Slade

by | Jun 16, 2020

Natasha Slade

Meet Natasha!

I’m so excited to have Tash as the next guest in my Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series

I absolutely love being on this amazing journey with Tash, watching her grow is beyond inspiring! She’s a powerhouse – a mama, biz woman and health coach.

Natasha’s vision is to help other women who are looking for community, support and connection, while also at the same time looking to create an income that will enable them to live their dream life.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey – who you are and who you were before the Gratitude Gang?

I’m Tash & I’m the mama of two boys, Macarthur & Rhodes (and a little girl on the way!). I started this journey when Mac was a year old & I had totally lost a sense of who I was. I had worked in the fast paced Racing Industry & Fashion Industry, working incredibly hard to get to the top of my game but I was exhausted by the time I became a mama!

My career had always defined me as a person & I really attached my identity to that. Becoming a Mum was just something so foreign to what I had been before, coming & going as I pleased & living my life as I wanted it. Becoming a Mum changed so much of that & I really struggled with my identity.

The Gratitude Gang has really helped me to find myself, giving me my self confidence back & enabled me to create my own little empire all while raising my two boys.

How did the GG come into your life – why did you join in the first place?

The Gratitude Gang found me! I already had a business & I wasn’t looking for another! A post on Facebook by Ange really struck a cord & I reached out. We chatted & I was straight in! I had nothing to lose & literally my whole life to gain back.

What has changed in your life since joining? What have you been able to achieve?

My self confidence has increased x 1000! I was really struggling with my identity as a new mum but being surrounded by so many incredible, inspiring women that helped me to find my way has been the most empowering journey.

I’ve been on a hugely gratifying personal development journey that I never thought possible & I have grown so much because of it!

I never thought I would be able to save “serious” money. Money that would contribute to a home deposit. I always just left that up to my husband but after joining the Gang I thought, why?! Why is it all up to him?! I’ve since been able to contribute in a big way & a way I never thought possible being at home with two babies! What an empowering thing that is to be able to contribute financially to the family

What do you love most about the GG?

The community, connections, empowerment & the growth.

What are you excited about for the future? What’s the big dream?!

I’m excited to see The Fearless Society x Gratitude Gang go to another level in the next 12 months. I’m excited to continue to grow my tribe of women looking for something more, to empower themselves & to contribute all the while staying home with their babes.

Message to people thinking about joining and upleveling their health, wealth and lifestyle?

What have you got to lose when there is potentially so so so much to gain?



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