Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series with Lucy Brindley

by | Oct 6, 2019

Lucy Brindley

Meet Lucy!

I’m so excited to have Lucy as the next guest in my monthly Hey, Soul Sister! Gangster in the Spotlight Series

Lucy was the second gal to join me in the Gratitude Gang back when I joined 2 years ago and she’s still here doing this with me, which is so exciting! I love kicking our goals together and helping others!

Lucy’s vision is to to have freedom in her life; time freedom to spend her time how she wants to, and financial freedom to be able to enjoy life to the full!

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey – who you are and who you were before the Gratitude Gang?

I’m originally from Adelaide but now live in Sydney with my fiancé. I’ve never been super career driven, mostly as I hadn’t yet found the right fit for me I think! The past few years of my life have been spent doing lots of traveling and experiencing living in different places, in Australia and overseas.

I’ve always been interested in working in jobs that help others; I studied Behavioural Science at Uni, and have studied life-coaching. All my jobs have been in a customer service focused role, but nothing had every really lit me up, so to speak. Until I came across the GG!

How did the GG come into your life – why did you join in the first place?

The GG came into my life as I saw Kirsty posting about the gang on social media. We both studied the same life coaching course so I loved following her along on social media. I’m so glad I reached out to her to ask about the gang, even though I wasn’t really sure what it was!

Ooh I joined the GG for many reasons!

I joined because at that time I was living Copenhagen, and it really was the perfect way to earn some extra income on the side whilst living overseas. I joined because I’m passionate about working in a job that will help me to create the flexible lifestyle that I want for my future. I joined because I know the value of great health and wellness and I want to do my part in supporting as many people as I can with their health. And lastly, I joined because of the amazing girl gang that is the Gratitude Gang! I’ve never been a part of such an uplifting and supportive community.

What has changed in your life since joining? What have you been able to achieve?

The biggest change to my life is a feeling of gratitude that I have finally found my purpose. That is a big one for me because at the age of 29 last year, I thought maybe I would never find work that I’m excited to do!

I’m constantly feeling a sense of achievement through working in the GG because it’s about focusing on goals, and doing what needs to be done to get to that goal. Every time I fit in some work for the GG in my day, no matter how big or small, I feel such a sense of achievement because I’m staying committed to my own goals and working on my future!

What do you love most about the GG?

I love that I can work entirely from my phone, or from my laptop. I love that I can fit in working in the GG in stolen moments in and around my other work and rest of my life.

I love all the new friends that I’ve made, and the fact that I now get to ‘work’ with my friends. I love the person I’m growing into since joining. I’ve become a lot more confident in myself, because I’m learning so many new things and challenging myself to get outside my comfort-zone. All good things lie outside your comfort-zone!

What are you excited about for the future? What’s the big dream?!

I’m excited for all the women I’ll get to help; to support them in creating an income for themselves. I’m excited for the lifestyle I’m building for myself and how I’m setting myself up for my future. I want to be able to choose my own hours, work from home and spend as much time with my future family as possible!

Message to people thinking about joining and upleveling their health, wealth and lifestyle?

Take the time to ask questions and find out what this could be for you! What have you got to lose?! We spend so much time ignoring our intuition and avoiding trying anything new because we are so fearful of the unknown.

I’m so grateful that I took the time to find out more about the GG; I can’t imagine what my life would  be like today if I hadn’t!



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